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White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 - Mac Rumors

Image by Ryan Cash - Well I'm not sure what's worst. Android got a lot of heat about fragmentation in their software. It now seems Apple is trying to hide in it's shadows with fragmentation that can be potentially be more costly to the end user. When looking for accessories like cases you'll have to now keep in mind the following versions. Black AT&T iPhone 4 White AT&T iPhone 4 - Thicker Black Verizon iPhone 4 - Buttons moved slightly White Verizon iPhone 4 - Buttons moved slightly, thicker White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 - Mac Rumors

Waiting for Gibson Joseph Ekker

view full image "Waiting for Gibson Joseph Ekker" (taken at Munroe Regional Medical Center)

Angry Birds for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Kinect, Virtual Boy and Game Boy Classic

The day just keeps getting better. Angry Birds, probably one of the most addicting games of all time is officially hitting every console. Xbox 360, PS3, and the Wii may seem like enough to the average person. Rovio wouldn't let something like this slip by, they've really gone ahead and retrofitted every possible console. Maybe it's been a while since you had a console? Don't worry, just dig through your basement, attics and childhood toy chest. I'm sure there's a Virtual Boy, or Game Bay Classic somewhere there that you can power on for some Angry Bird's! "Uh oh, those pigs are at it again! It's up to you to wipe them out in the new Angry Birds adventure! Dive, peck and crash your way through 60 exciting levels and get your precious eggs back! Simply aim and fire your bird at your nefarious foes without losing all your allies. Hit the golden egg and you can unleash the dreaded Golden Eagil! Get Angry This Summer!"

The iPhone 5 Announcement |

Apple Announces iPhone 5 with Revolutionary Antenna Design | You really think Apple wouldn't take advantage of our news filled day to introduce their new product. The iPhone 5 is here, they've revolutionized the mobile experience again and included a magic antenna that will not falter to the famous death grip! Image by Sadly, it's still not available in white . Can't wait to hear about the free iPad 2 upgrade that makes it 3d and a stylus made of magic pixie dust.

Introducing Starbucks® Mobile Pour | Starbucks Coffee Company | Starbucks Coffee Company

Just had the opportunity to utilize this great new service from Starbucks. Starbucks has already done great efforts by conveniently placing their stores in nearly every corner block, they've leaped ahead and are now providing free delivery to your location. No distance limits have been announced as of yet. The only thing required is an app on your phone for geolocation. The app currently appears to only be iPhone compatible but I would not doubt an Android App isn't already in development. Introducing Starbucks® Mobile Pour | Starbucks Coffee Company | Starbucks Coffee Company Starbucks Mobile Pour in action delivery service. Barista was so quick, he could not be tipped.

AdBlock Freedom - block billboards, TV commercials, and magazine ads in real time

I'm not sure how you guys feel about this, but frankly I'm sick and tired of TV commercials, billboards and Ad's in magazines. Get a pair of these shades and you can even block Ad's like the ones on this blog! It's about time someone invented this great technology. AdBlock Freedom - block billboards, TV commercials, and magazine ads in real time AdBlock Freedom detects ads in the wearer's view and attempts to blend them in with their surroundings.

BREAKING: The Pirate Bay Acquires eBay | TorrentFreak

Not only is it a great day of news, but we can finally see some justice! BREAKING: The Pirate Bay Acquires eBay | TorrentFreak In a bid on Auction site eBay, for the site of itself, Pirate Bay (TPB) has come out as the official winner. We saw that eBay was up for sale on their own site and since we have a long going law suit against them for abuse of our trademark name “pirat(ebay)”, we wanted to be pragmatic and just use our immense profits to buy them. This will hopefully make us spend less time with the lawsuit. TPB will use the tools from eBay to make a better rating system for torrents. Then TPB will divide eBay up into smaller companies and sell to the highest bidders. We see no use for an auction site since most stuff is available for free. will in the future be redirected to, and hopefully this will put TPB into the top 5 internet sites today.

Introducing Gmail Motion

Finally, I was getting so sick and tired of using keyboards, mice and voice to send emails. Hopefully, Micrsoft won't sue for using Kinect-like technology!

Review of Socom Airsoft Arena, Inc. Indoor / Outdoor Airsoft Arena in Ocala, FL

Ocala and it's residents are a fortunate bunch. Known throughout as Central Florida's hive for the best and top rated Airsoft locations. With that it comes to no surprise that Tom "Gravel" Pennay, Victor "Arc Angel" Puig and the rest of Socom staff choose this as the place to open their 13,000 squarefoot indoor airsoft arena. This review spans my personal experience and time spent within about a 6 month period at Socom Airsoft Arena Socom Airsoft Arena Review Update In the process of writing this review I noticed that their web page began to change and some great updates were performed. I leave the original review intact but an Addendum will be added to those portions that have been corrected. It's almost like they knew this write up was coming. The Battlefield When you first step foot into Socom Airsoft Arena you may be slightly overwhelmed by the tall ceiling, building structures, vehicles and massive gallon drums. There's a smell in the air