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Best Buy Geek Squad Black Tie Protection aka Extended Warranty vs Squaretrade

As a previous Best Buy Geek Squad employee I use to say "eh, maybe" to extended warranties when asked by many of those who purchase electronics and such from Best Buy. (They use to force us to say "Geek Squad Black Tie Protection" but we all know what it really is). Note, the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection GSBTP was previously known as PSP or Product Service Plan. Even I personally purchased it on some items like notebooks. Although I can repair any defects that may occur, I could not pull parts from my hind end. I now redact and advise all to consider the alternative. Don't get me wrong, I've never had a bad experience and they do cover what they say they will cover. Assuming the sales person gave you correct information, or didn't bend the truth to make their individual goal sheets look better. My reason for the change of heart is an alternative company who covers more , for less . Sometimes they even have sale pricing on warranties. Best B

Our drive to Underwood, Indiana.

It's not that I have anything bad to write about, but there's just so much to say and do. I'll try to pull a couple of minutes and put some sentences together that hopefully make sense. I'm sitting outside, and I can't stress how awesome the weather feels. Much different from humid 90 degree Florida weather. The ride wasn't terrible as I thought, but it was enough to convince Sayum that we'll be flying from now on. Now just got to calm her down while entering a plane. We traveled 800+ miles in 13 hours and 27 minutes to get to this very peaceful small town, Underwood, Indiana, that Sayums "Mamaw" lives in. Sayum drove only 200 miles out of that 800+ which is fine with me, since it was mainly Florida where she was mostly familiar. As I said, I'm sitting outside as I write this, and the sound of the country were really never that interesting to me until now as I sit outside just enjoying my surroundings. Speaking of our trip up here,

GPSed Track "Roadtrip 2010"

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Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Beach Road Trip 2010

As you may or may not know. Sayum (Samantha Jo Henderson) and myself (Daniel "Dannie" Armas) are taking our first real road trip ever. It's also our first vacation of 2010, but more importantly our first real long drive. Should be interesting. Maybe it'll convince Sayum to fly from now on? We'll be heading north to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana starting on May 19th, 2010. Mainly visiting Sayum's family. The plans to stop plenty and take in the scenery. We'll be blogging the whole experience including a ton of pictures , videos and live GPS tracking ! It's an odd time to go with the terrible floods that occurred recently in Tennessee, but it's a family reunion we want to attend. Come back and visit or keep an eye out on our Facebook updates for the latest trouble we get ourselves into! Can't wait, it's been so long since I had chance to travel, and this is the furthest North I've been without goi