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Battlefield 4 Premium Key On The Cheap

Another way of getting a Battlefield 4 Premium Key with a little work and coupon codes. As my previous post showed for the Free or Cheapest Method to Buy Battlefield 4 , you can get BF4 for fairly cheap and even free using apps like FeaturePoints. Green Man Gaming has another coupon code sale going on that brings the price down in order to use those free Amazon and PayPal gift cards you earned earlier using my guide. I'll post a copy of it below for your convenience. Get BF4 Premium Key Free or Damn Close Sign up for a Green Man Gaming account using my referral . This will net you a $2 off coupon for future purchases.  Add Battlefield 4 Premium to your cart. Use coupon code  TAREM-BF4NA-DLC15 Your checkout cart should show $42.49. If you haven't already, make up the difference using the free gift cards from the FeaturePoints guide below. FeaturePoints First, an explanation of what this service does. It is a free