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Our drive to Underwood, Indiana.

It's not that I have anything bad to write about, but there's just so much to say and do. I'll try to pull a couple of minutes and put some sentences together that hopefully make sense.

I'm sitting outside, and I can't stress how awesome the weather feels. Much different from humid 90 degree Florida weather. The ride wasn't terrible as I thought, but it was enough to convince Sayum that we'll be flying from now on. Now just got to calm her down while entering a plane.

We traveled 800+ miles in 13 hours and 27 minutes to get to this very peaceful small town, Underwood, Indiana, that Sayums "Mamaw" lives in. Sayum drove only 200 miles out of that 800+ which is fine with me, since it was mainly Florida where she was mostly familiar.

As I said, I'm sitting outside as I write this, and the sound of the country were really never that interesting to me until now as I sit outside just enjoying my surroundings.

Speaking of our trip up here, we thankfully only saw 1 wreck in the whole distance we traveled. It wasn't anything serious, but while driving through nearly all of Kentucky it was raining pretty bad and it appears someone spun out into a ditch/hill/mountain thing.

Driving through mountains and mountains sides brought back a lot of memories from long ago when I lived in Venezuela as a 5 year old. Memories I didn't even think I still had, but you know it's true, your surroundings will bring back old memories you never knew you had.

I'm currently tethered, but there isn't much of a signal here. Bear with me as images will be compressed until we get out to a better signal where I can upload full resolution images.

Everyone always talks about a true Country breakfast. I think I had my very first one. Natural eggs, plenty of bacon and home made biscuits. Sayum of course had biscuits and gravy, but that's a little to Country and to brave for me!

Saw a sick $149,999 car, a Ford GT.

Gas is significantly cheaper around here, and luckly we only used about 2 1/2 full tanks on the way up. So it wasn't a killer but I would of loved to fly. There just isn't anything like flying. Although I'm glad I did get to drive this time since I haven't seen mountains that close in so long. Better yet driving through them.

Atlanta, is still one of the funnest drives. A lot of people warned me how stressful it may be. We hit it at around 2 PM and it was packed but I actually enjoyed it. Just had to keep an eye out for signs, as they have a tendency to move your destination lane quickly. I do have a quick video I'll throw up at some time. Sayum on the other hand was stressed driving through Atlanta, I found Tampa city much more stressful to drive in. This was my second time driving in Atlanta. Sayum did request the next time we drove through Atlanta, that she'd be allowed a secondary brake pedal on her side.

Little Geek moment for everyone. The gas station we stopped at called "Sad Sam" had a register in which every time the clerk scanned something, it would make the same sound Sonic 2 made when gathering rings. If your card was denied or something went wrong, it also made the same sound from that old chat client ICQ, you know the "Uh-Oh"!

As far as entertainment on the road, well we both had our iPods. Unfortunately mines been connected to my headunit for so long the battery didn't last long at all. Guess it's time for a replacement on that old 30GB. Sayum's is much newer but she had been using for a week or so in her car and it died a few hours after mine. So we listened to ourselves think for a bit, then entertained each other the rest of the way. After driving for so long though, you actually get tired of all music anyways, so we're thankful it died.

Something I've seen here, that I've never seen before is Log homes. They're actually really beautiful, but I doubt they could withstand that torture of Florida weather.

Only one Con so far, smoking in public places. In Florida we are lucky enough not to have to worry about smokers in gas stations or especially restaurants. Not sure if the same law applies here, but if it does, it was ignored at the local corner store. We'll see how it is when we go out to eat later and hear the dreaded "Smoking, or Nonsmoking?" question.

I apologize for the scattered thoughts these blogs may be, but I've started and stopped many times and that tends to happen.

That's all for now, I'm hoping we'll be able to go to Fourth Street Live later. I'll get back with everyone at that time, until then please let us know of anything we have to see!

Keep up with our Roadtrip 2010 photo album here.


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